Variable thickness
    To characterize TECHTUM is the geometric trapezium shape of the longitudinal section that reminds the truss: a shape that guarantees a higher degree of structural resistance to the roofing system.

    Revolutionary in form and quality, TECHTUM responds in an exemplary manner to fire regulations and safety requirements. In fact, the product fully meets the requirements of the UNI EN 12845 fire protection regulations and allows sprinkler positioning with maximum efficiency and in an easy manner.

    TECHTUM, unlike the curved panels, allows optimal positioning of the sprinkler against the structural elements, without having to resort to the use of ribbed sheets or additional false ceilings, with obvious savings in terms of work and costs. Moreover, thanks to its floor slab, no shaded areas are created in the spray of water, so it is dispensed with the ideal angle.

    Installation and security
    Compared to other solutions for the roofing of industrial buildings in P.C., TECHTUM is easy to install as it is modular. Unlike other products - bound to rigidly defined radii - in fact, TECHTUM presents a wide range of dimensions that makes it versatile and applicable on all structures. The fixing to the underlying supporting structure is obtained by self-tapping screws for prestressed concrete, or alternatively, expansion plugs placed perpendicular to the upper edge of the wing of the wingbeam. Between the panel and the beam a gasket is interposed to improve the sealing of the cover.

    To obtain a remarkable natural lighting of the building, the specially developed alveolar polycarbonate profiles can be combined with the TECHTUM system; with this simple solution it is possible to obtain a homogeneous luminosity of the underlying surfaces, thus greatly limiting the use of artificial lighting with the consequent significant savings in electricity costs. A lateral overlap has been studied to ensure leak-proofing even in severe weather conditions. On the roof realized with TECHTUM, photovoltaic modules, smoke exhausters, openable skylights for access to the roof or fire protection systems can be installed without any difficulty, while on the internal side electric ducts can be anchored, ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response), air pipes, etc. The safety that TECHTUM guarantees can not be found in any other curved solution: pedestrian traffic between one pitch and the next, easy access for the ordinary maintenance of the roof itself and the equipment placed there and working conditions that are easy to safeguard the workers' safety.

    Versatility of use
    TECHTUM is a product specifically designed for the prefabrication and construction of industrial building roofs, in particular, it is perfectly suited to the many sections of pre-stressed wing beams available on the market. TECHTUM, thanks to its characteristics, becomes the favorite product of Engineers, Architects and construction companies, since it solves the complex and variable case studies that can be encountered in the design of buildings. The TECHTUM panel can be installed perfectly even on sheds with a metallic carpentry, laminated wood or monoblock structure.


    mm 1000


    standard measure L=3300 mm (net span 3000 mm), or it can be realized with length on request up to L=5500 mm (net span 5200 mm), subject to agreement on minimum quantities.

    Variable thickness

    to characterize TECHTUM is the geometric trapezium shape of the longitudinal section that recalls the truss: a shape that guarantees a higher degree of structural resistance to the roofing system.

    External support

    the metal support exposed to atmospheric agents is made of FE S250GD steel, hot galvanized, protected by high quality pre-painting. The metal supports in the standard version are: 0,60 mm external steel - 0,40 mm internal (UNI EN 10346).

    Insulation with continuous foaming

    polyurethane resins (PUR) - density 39 ±2 Kg/m³ - Value of initial thermal conductivity: λ = 0,020 W/(mK)

    Protective treatments for external support

    polyester pre-painting, application of plastic film in PVC or other films.




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